Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a happening day

Today is amazing, I spotted 5 waterspouts near my base camp(Changi Naval Base, Singapore). The sight was fantastic as some of them came real close and I could see the swirling of the water droplets, it's very formation and destruction. The scenery reminds me of the chaotic environment in fantasy games whereby this would be the world of demonic beings.

Next up is a 180 degree twist of fate. I had thought earlier on that this was my day to be able to see 5 waterspouts in a single day. After work, I was caught up in a traffic jam due to a collision at a junction before entering the path to my camp. I totally wasted an hour of time waiting in the bus before the bus went past the collision spot. This was way unlucky. If only I had came out earlier and caught the earlier shuttle bus out of camp.

As for my BMT back in tekong, I had made a couple of really nice friends and I must admit the recourse was a very memorable experience for me in my military life. This is also the period of time when I started drinking liquor. I must say that the experience of being drunk is rather cool but it just screws you up as I had headaches after being drunk and hangovers the next day. However, this is an experience not to be missed as it's 'part of men's life' =P

Friday, April 13, 2007

Life Is Full Of Surprises!!

A Chain of Unfotunate Events...

Damn it, life is freakingly full of surprises...and I just happened to encounter a chain of unpleasant events...

The story goes like this, on Wednesday, 110407, I had just gave myself a pat on the back for planning out my schedule so well. I was to have medical appointment for the whole day on Thursday and Driving test on Friday which I would be taking a day off from camp. In short, I will have a long weekend starting from Thursday to Sunday which I will not be in military camp.

On Thursday morning, my immediate supervisor called me up on my way to my medical appointment at 0900hrs. He told me that my Basic Military Training(BMT) recourse deferment has been rejected. He usually does play pranks on people and I had thought he was just getting me nervous for my driving test on the next day, Friday. I didn't believe him at that point and simply thought nothing of it.

Sh*t then came at around 1100hrs when my head of department called me up regarding this matter...my round objects immediately dropped to the depths of the Earth. It totally wrecked my mood for the earlier part of the day. Furthermore, I had to wait about 3 hours for my medical appointment in the afternoon.

Despite this, I tried to lift my spirit through some lan gaming. It sort of worked, I totally owned 2 matches of Defense of the Ancients(DotA) and proceeded for my physio in the afternoon. Then, incident no. 2 came, it was pouring outside the mall I was gaming and there is a 500m uncovered distance to the hospital...I bought an umbrella and braved through the stormy rain.

Physiotherapy was mood lifting again, I could see and feel the pump I was getting through the exercises. Occasionally glances at the mirror was just gratifying. Went for a fantastic dinner where I cheated after 1 whoel month and had some of my favourite dishes, afterwhich I proceeded with my driving lesson with the rain.

Nothing of significance, just that I had problem of noticing my surroundings due to the dark and rain.

Chain of unfortunate events (Con't)

Woke up way early for my warm-up driving session and then my driving test. Third sh*t occurred, I failed... and had to book for another test date 3 months later. All these seems most unfortunate because I had soemthing in my mind all along, the BMT recourse I'll be going to on Monday, of which I have to return to camp today to draw equipment required for the course...

It was supposed to be a relaxing day for me..bleh. Nonetheless, my newly *acquired* friend Kenneth met me after my test and treated me to lunch, despite my pleas to allow me to treat him instead for being there after I failed. I guess I would need to find a chance where I could sneakily return the nice treat.

I rushed back all the way home, overslept on the bus and had to walk a distance home. 4th sh*t happened, it started to drizzle halfway back home. I ran through the rain and got home before it became heavy.

Got home rather dry. Prepared what I need to return to camp and found that the rain has stopped, how nice huh? The way to the public transport and my house was rather a significant distance with 75% of the journey without shelter. I rushed out of my home in bid to catch the last bus into my camp. When I was about 10 steps to the unsheltered remaining journey to the public transport, the 5th sh*t happened, it just poured cats and dogs again...

Ran through the rain and got drenched. However the fortunate thing was i managed to get onboard the last bus to my camp. Ahh...and my chain of unfortunate events have ended for the day at that moment. I just hope that it doesn't continue through the weekend into my BMT recourse =X

"Problems tend to arise when you least need it to be around to provide challenges in your life"

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